For this Funnytastes Magazine Book Three we are produced 2 covers and exclusive stories to last collection of
Vetements, Raf Simons, Acne Studios, Ground Zero, Cassie Mercantile, Anne Sofie Madsen, Léa Pekre
and exclusive interview to Jurgi Persoons.

Special Visual Stuff section with the best inspirational of the season.

Exclusive fashion stories include cult photographers Daniel Riera, Alice Schillaci,
Hans Neumann, Bridget Fleming, Luciano Insua, Matthieu Delbreuve, Adrián Catalán
and Marcin Leszczynski.

158 Full color pages.
Bi-annual edition.
Book format, 30 x 23 CM / 9.33 × 12.6″
Exquisite stamping UVI on cover.
Airtight in Protective Shirink Wrapping.

Launched in 2015, funnytastes magazine has built a reputation for being a consistent
source of inspiration for all involved in fashion culture.

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